Vriksasana (Tree Pose) Why? Benefits What are? Procedure How to do?

Vriksasana Meaning

Vriksasana is the representation of tree. Sanskrit word of tree pose is vriksa or vriksha.

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Beginners Tips Before Doing Vrikshasana

As a beginner, you should know any yoga asana you practice needs to be done in empty stomach or three to four hour after your food.

Be comfortable while performing yoga practices

Best time to practice yoga is morning because it gives a fresh start for you and your body.

Beginners can practice this Vriksasana by opening your eyes.

Tips to balance in this pose:-

Focus on a point (For example: draw a point on the wall & try to focus your concentration on it).

On the other hand, While lifting the leg if your’e finding difficult to balance just spread your toes which is on the ground & push it towards the ground.

Procedure Of Vriksasana (Steps By Step):

Step1: Stand straight in a comfortable place.

Step2: Lift your left leg & place on the thigh as shown in the picture

Step3: Now inhale and raise your hand above the head to make namaste position.

Step4: Beginner’s open your eyes & focus on a particular point. Later try to close your eyes and try again.

Step5: Exhale & come back to starting position.

Step6: Perform the same on the opposite leg.

Contraindications And Precautions Of Vrikshasana
  1. High Blood pressure patients place your hand near the chest in namaste position.
  2. Incase of knee injuries or pain, please avoid this asana. 
Vriksasana Variations
  1. Adho mukha vriksasana
  2. urdhva vrikshasana

Benefits Of Vriksasana

Physical Benefits:-

  1. Helps in strengthening the spine.
  2. improve your balance on your leg.
  3. It increases the coordination of muscles & nerves.
  4. Strengthen the leg muscles & joints.
  5. spread the weight equally on the legs.
  6. Opens & improve the stability of the trunk, lower back & upper back.

Mental Benefits:-

  • Improves the concentration & Calms your mind.
  • Therefore, you can feel the stable & peaceful mind.
  • Of course, it is possible because if the root of the tree is strong then no problem will be there for tree Likewise if our legs are stable & strong then our body will be healthy.
Preparatory Poses
Follow- Up Poses

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