Virasana (Hero) Pose Benefits | How to do Virasana Step By Step

Virasana(meditative pose) Vira means hero, king or chief &  Asana means pose. It aligns your spine so that you can get rid of your back pain problems easily. 

Simply, you just have to be seated to do this asana. It is not the tough asana but if you are used to it you will feel it as a comfortable position to sit

Virasana or Hero Pose


Virasana Steps

1. Kneel down on the floor and sit straight facing forward. Rest your hands on the knees

2. Slowly bring your knees closer which naturally spreads your feet and makes your butt touch the floor.

3. Make sure, you are not sitting on your legs but on the floor. If having trouble or pain place a pillow under your butt for comfort.

4. Keep your toes straight back and draw your inner ankles to protect your knees.

5. Be in that position for about a minute and revert by pushing away from the floor by your palms and lift your butt till you are on your knees (Staff Pose(Dandasana)) and stand up.


Best to do in the morning when your stomach is empty but you can do in the evening.

Not compulsory to be an empty stomach. If you prefer a better outcome, make sure it’s empty.

(4-6 hours after a meal would suffice).

Virasana Benefits:

1. Stretches ankles, thighs, and knees muscle and gives you posture or structure.

2. Increases your digestion and frees gas.

3.Controls Swelling of legs during the second three months of pregnancy(4-6).

4.Aids in menstruation problem for women.

5. Better circulation of blood in legs and relieves pain in sore legs.

6.Helps HBP(high blood pressure and asthma problems.

Who mustn't do this:

1.People with heart problems.

2.Having knee, hip and thigh injuries as it stretches all these parts.

Author : Rashmi P

Image Credits – Background photo created by yanalya

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