Vajrasana Best Weight Loss Yoga with Benefits, Images & Steps

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Vajrasana is derived from a Sanskrit word Vajra – Thunderbolt or Diamond , Asana – Pose.

Breathing exercises(pranayama) like Ujjayi, Anuloma – Viloma, Bhastrika etc.. & Meditation can be performed in Vajrasana position.

It is also known as diamond pose because this pose can make your body as strong as a diamond.

The main advantage is melting your belly fat by maintaining proper digestion.

Table of Content
  • Things you should know about diamond pose
  • Vajrasana Steps
  • Benefits Of Vajrasana
  • Precautions And Contraindications
  • Tips for Beginner’s
  • Advanced Vajrasana Pose (supta Vajrasana)
  • Preparatory Poses
  • Follow-Up Poses
  • Everything you should know
Things you should know about diamond pose

Yoga is believed to be practised after 3 to 4 hours of a meal or on an empty stomach but there are few asanas which can be performed immediately after your food.

Diamond pose is one of them because it helps us in proper digestion & melts unwanted fats from our body. so, it is considered to be the best for weight loss.

Level: Beginners.

Duration: 5 to 10 Minutes.

Stretches: Hips, Knees, Thighs, Ankles.

Vajrasana Steps:

Step1: Starting with the kneeling position. Place your big toes one above the other.

Step2: Slowly sit on your heels. So, that your thigh rest on your heels ( like Sandwich).

Step3: Make Sure your backbone is straight. Gently place your hands on your knees.

Step4: Concentrate on your breathing by listening to your breath-in & breath-out.

Step5: Now close your eyes & listen to your inhale and exhale.

Step6: Stay in this position for 5 to 10 mins daily after your meals.

Benefits Of Vajrasana

  • This asana improves your digestion and keeps you away from all indigestion problems.
  • Prevents you from ulcer and acidity.
  • It controls the circulation of blood on the lower part of the body thereby increasing the blood flow in the stomach region resulting in proper digestion.
  • Strengthens the sexual organs & tones the hip, thighs, calves.
  • It cures urinary problems & joint pains.
  • Diamond pose relaxes the nerves & calms the mind.
  • Continuous practise of Vajrasana can help you in reducing your body weight especially belly.
  • Lower back problems and sciatica patients need to practise vajrasana more to get a better result.

Precautions And Contraindications

  1. Pregnant women need to keep their knees little apart from each other to avoid pressure on the abdomen.
  2. For Pregnant women, it is recommended to keep the yoga instructor near to you while practising.
  3. Any surgeries or heavy pain on your knees, thigh or heel better avoid this asana.
  4. Over digestion Patients consult your yoga instructor before practising.
Tips for Beginner’s:

Beginner will feel the pain on your knees & heels. In such case place a rolled towel or bedsheet in between your thigh and calf muscles.

You can reduce the height of the rolled-up towel slowly later.

If you are comfortable without a towel but still feeling pain after practising for a few mins keep in mind whenever you are feeling pain stretch your legs front & gently massage with your hands.

Advanced Pose (Supta Vajrasana):
supta vajrasana

The advanced variation is Supta Vajrasana. Note: you have to master vajrasana before practising supta vajrasana.

From diamond pose bend backwards till your elbow & forearms touch the ground.Arch backwards until the crown of your head touches the floor.

It helps in strengthening your backbone, chest & neck.

It helps you to expand the chest & stay away from breathing problems.

Preparatory Poses
  1. Ardha Shalabhasana.
  2. Shalabhasana.
Follow-Up Poses
  1. Makarasana.
  2. Balasana.
  3. Shavasana.
Everything you should know

1. What is the ideal time to perform Vajrasana after the meal?

One main advantage of Vajrasana is you can do immediately after 5–10 mins of lunch or dinner.

Many people get extra fat due to improper digestion. This asana is very good for digestion & fat burning.

Benefits are huge you will understand once you start doing daily.

2. How long can I stay in diamond pose?

Vajrasana has no time limit. you can perform this asana till you feel comfortable.

you can sit in diamond pose while watching tv or doing some work so no need to spend time specifically.

3. Did diamond pose is beneficial in empty stomach?

Yes, diamond pose does not only helps us in digestion. It has numerous benefits like it is good for your legs, backbone & sexual organs.

So I conclude that it always benefits you.

-------------------------------------------------Practice more get benefits-----------------------------------------------------

4. Is it good to sit always in a vajrasana position?

Yes, it is really good if you start sitting on the vajrasana.

Please don’t for your body if it is not comfortable because we are doing vajrasana for our benefits.

So always listen to your body.

5. Can we perform Kapalbhati Pranayam in diamond pose?

Kapalbhati is believed as shudhhi kriya, not pranayama.

You can do in diamond pose but sometimes while doing force exhale you may feel pain on your back & legs.

First of all, make your back strong by performing various backbone exercise and then practise in diamond pose.

Note: Maintain a gap of 1-2 sec between you exhale while performing in vajrasana.

6. If I have knee pains. Can I do diamond pose?

Yes, use a yoga block or folded blanket in between the thigh & calf muscles do place one blanket below the knees in case of a beginner.

But if you have injuries or surgery on the leg better avoid this asana or consult the yoga instructor.

Author : Rashmi P

Image Credits – Background photo created by yanalya

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