Trikonasana | How to do Triangle pose | Steps & Benefits

Trikonasana or Triangle pose

Trikonasana has lots and lots of benefits you will come to know what you are going to get when you finish reading this article.

Now let’s go to the starting position of Trikonasana.

Stand in Mountain Pose and make sure your alignments are correct. Now close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.

Observe how you inhale and exhale when you become connected with your breath gently open your eyes.

Now you are ready for doing Trikonasana. Let’s Start!!

Dhanurasana Bow Pose Images:


Trikonasana(Triangle pose) Steps:

Step 1: Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and keep the foot perpendicular to each other as shown in the picture.
Step 2: Slowly stretch your arms to shoulder level parallel to the ground. Breath-Out & Bend slowly as shown in the picture.
Step 3: Keep the knees straight and try to touch the toes and keep the other hand straight. Don’t force your body to go down be gentle.
Step 4: Turn Face towards the ceiling. Repeat these steps on the opposite side. Stay in that position for few second, Between 10 sec – 30 sec.

Triangle pose ​Video

Things you should know:-

Before doing Step 2:

Notice how your pelvis opens to the left when you turn your foot out this is natural but you will need to avoid that to achieve a lateral bend of the spine 

Before doing Step 3:

Reach down as much as you can you could choose from any of these three groups do not exert too much pressure to reach the ankle consistent practice will allow you to reach greater depths rather than one-time overexertion.

The farmer you grip the lesser chances of injuries avoid sinking into the grip sinking loosens the muscles to prevent this you must pull against the grip 

Open the chest up this also ensures that your back remains straight throughout the practice.

Before doing Step 4:

Bring forehead in line with the left big toe to facilitate the lateral bank the spider as you exhale down your neck and give at the right time.

If your neck hurts, please continue to gaze at the big toe breathe deeply

If you experience any pain slowly come out of the posture just as you 

entered it if you’re feeling ok then remain in this position

Trikonasana Benefits:

  • Reduce, Stretches and strengthens the internal muscles of the hip, thighs, knees and ankles.
  • Increases the circulation of blood in the adrenal gland.
  • Massage the kidneys and improve their functioning.
  • Improves the body’s resistance to stress by the intensity of the relaxation/tension relationship.
  • Stretch the hips, groin, tendons, calves, shoulders, chest and spine
  • Improves digestion.
  • It helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.
Precautions And Contraindications
  1. Avoid this if you have Diarrhea.
  2. Don’t do this if you have Headache because it will pump more blood to you head.
  3. Low blood pressure Patient avoid this yoga poses.
  4. If you have High blood pressure Turn the head to gaze downward in the final pose.
Preparatory Poses
  1. Tadasana
  2. Vrksasana or Vrikshasana
  3. Katichakrasana
  4. Konasana
Follow-Up Poses
  1. Virabhadrasana or Veerbhadrasana

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